Take a look at these photos and video. Beautiful, aren't they? They capture the moments you want in pictures: Your Engagement. Your wedding. Those fun, spontaneous moments in a photo booth. Cinematography that looks like it could be from a movie. And don't forget top-notch Real Estate Photography if you're selling your Bakersfield house.
Abbys Photography has been proudly serving the Bakersfield community (and surrounding areas) for more than 18 years. The husband and wife team of Cindy and Ron Veiner take great delight in providing the highest quality of Photography, Videography and Cinematography.


Abbys Photography makes the bride beautiful in Paris or Bakersfield.
A Bakersfield wedding photographer cannot be chosen casually. You want someone who can create exceptional wedding-day photos that capture the memories to last a lifetime. At the same time, you want photography that's personal and tells the story of your special day.
Before the wedding, there's the engagement. Abbys Photography can photograph those special pre-wedding moments (or re-creations) in locations that are meaningful to you.


A Photo Booth is a great way for everyone to take home a reminder of the fun they had, whether at a wedding, anniversary, quinceantera, corporate event or party. Abbys Photography offers open-air photo booths for rental.


We can provide movie-quality video for your Bakersfield wedding. Most people call this "Videography." We prefer "Cinematography" because, like a motion picture, our Cinematographers use the camera to tell the story, from the intimate close-ups to the panoramic views.


Abbys provides the best real estate photography for real estate agents to sell that house.
Real Estate agents need every edge to sell the home for the top price. The right Real Estate Photography can put the home in the best possible light and we know the importance of light. We only photograph in the most optimal conditions. We are known for our reliability and flexibility, and our Home Photography will help a Real Estate agent sell the home as well as document items for insurance purposes.

Bakersfield Roaming Photo Booth Kiosk
Selfie Station

No matter what type of event you are looking to host, our Mobile Roaming Selfie Station will add a unique touch for all those attending.
Our Roaming Selfie Station lets your guests strike a pose right where they are. No leaving the dance floor, or standing in line to take memorable photos of their experience.
With everything that goes into planning an event from the guest list to the venue, refreshments and entertainment, our Roaming Selfie Station will create a whole new experience for your guests.

BAKERSFIELD Photo Booth Kiosk -
Selfie Station

Three girls know how to have fun with this Bakersfield selfie station.

Our selfie station is, fully-automated interactive photo booth, touch-screen camera kiosk that is designed for individuals or groups to take and share photos, with a option of adding digital props. In many ways, our selfie stations the next evolution of photo booths for the modern era. Selfie Station's pack all the fun of our traditional photo booth into a small footprint with a huge impact! The selfie station kiosk does not require attendant.
Adding a Selfie Station is a perfect addition to any party, or event. Our Selfie Station, with the lighting, is a people magnet. Your guests smile and pose for the camera. It's an entertainment centerpiece for your party that pays the fun forward by allowing your guests to, text, email and share their photos instantly on social media. Add costumes, props or a personalized border for extra fun and memorability.

Bakersfield 360 Photo Booth

They can post to there favorite social media platform.

Bakersfield 360 Photo Booth

Abby's Photogray 360 Photo Booth.
Amazing Lighting

Audio guest books

Abbys Photography makes the bride beautiful in Paris or Bakersfield.
Audio guest books are more special than digital or traditional paper guest books because they are audio recordings. It gives you the ability to listen to them over and over again and makes the experience you get from a guest book more tangible. When guests hear their own voice, it evokes a more emotional response.
With Abbys Photography we always take things to the next level & will make you a slide show to go with your audio files, so it will always be easy for you to enjoy.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Abbys Photography makes the bride beautiful in Paris or Bakersfield.
Abbys Photography offers the best in Bakersfield Wedding Photography, Bakersfield Real Estate Photography, Bakersfield Cinematography and Bakersfield Photo Booths, Bakersfield Selfie Stations,Bakersfield Roaming Selfie Stations, Bakersfield 360 Photo Booths, Audio guest books . Call us today. Call 661-342-4945